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Greek nationality: The first exams for foreign nationals from May


The first exams for foreign nationals wishing to acquire Greek nationality will take place in May 2021, following the approval of a bill in Parliament on Thursday evening which stipulates that applicants must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of  Greek history, Greek geography, culture and politics, as well as sufficient command of the language on the written tests to become a citizen.

In the coming weeks, the Interior Ministry is to create two committees; the first will be a panel of seven member of educationalists who will be responsible for compiling 300 questions on history and geography and 100 questions on language for the exams, while the second panel of 11 members will be responsible for the organization and conduct tests.

A key goal of the new law is to speed up the current process of issuing citizenship, as interviews with applicants who submitted applications in 2015 and 2016 are still pending.

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