Greek Universities: interested students can request a transfer


Pending the dates on which interested students can request a transfer, the ministerial decision that was published today Wednesday (Official Journal B 4617 / 20.10.2020) sets the new framework for the current transfer process that will apply for the first time this year after the adoption of the relevant law (4692/2020) last June.

As we already knew, a transfer base was put in place and at the same time the economic and social criteria changed until last year. In addition, it is possible to move to another part of the same scientific field.

In the coming days, an appropriate circular should be published, which will determine, among other things, the period during which the electronic transfer platform will be open so that interested students can submit their application.

Transfer categories
There are two categories of transfer: a) transfer based on economic and social criteria and b) transfer of sibling undergraduate students. A general condition of transfer is the existence of a correspondence of the departments, as well as the academic functioning of the transfer department during a corresponding year of study with the home department. An additional condition for the transfer is the concentration of the points of the transfer base of the department in which the student requests the transfer.




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