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“Headache” for ELAS the private parties of the crown in Attica


As the new big “Headache” of ELAS is recorded ,”the private parties of the crown” in the capital at a time when the State and the experts underline in every point the need to maintain the distances and to avoid the synchronizations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have become commonplace.

Recommendations related to social distancing and groupings of people seem to meet with closed ears as dozens of people are often crammed into apartments and houses.

According to Greek police officers, such parties took place even during the quarantine period but they seem to have increased in recent times especially after the discouragement of young citizens to gather in squares.

Special Guards Secretary General Stratos Mavroidakos spoke of this phenomenon to Mega on Tuesday morning. According to Mr. Mavroidakos, the Cybercrime Prosecutor’s Office knows exactly what’s going on, information is being captured and meetings are already taking place at GADA to see how they will deal with this phenomenon if it develops.

@"Headache" for ELAS the private parties of the crown in Attica

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