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Ioannina: A minor reported to the police raped by 3 people


A complaint against four people, three foreign minors and an unknown person was filed by Ioannina Security after another minor complained that he had been raped.According to, the minor, originally from Pakistan, lives in a structure that operates in a hotel unit, while the alleged perpetrators, his compatriots, live in another structure.

The complaint was lodged by him with the police authorities. He said the other three minors raped him in an area outside the structure, while a fourth person was filming.He was taken to hospital where he stayed for two days for treatment. He left but did not immediately go to the police to report the incident.

It appears that his compatriots then blackmailed him with the video and therefore resorted to the police authorities. Ioannina’s security, which investigated the case, lodged a complaint against three minors and a foreigner, which was forwarded to the prosecution.


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