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Coronavirus: the situation in Ioannina is critical and 90% of health units are occupied


The situation in Ioannina is critical as the city’s health system is currently “suffocating”. In fact, the mayor did not rule out the possibility of a local lockdown. “I think we are very close to containment because of the large number of cases recorded on a daily basis but also because of the strong pressure on the health system,” said, among others, the mayor of Ioannina, Moses Elisaf to the SKAI.

As he explained, to date more than 250 active cases have been recorded and the worst thing is that there is a continuous increase in the number of daily cases which, as he mentioned, is explained by the influx of cases like the one recorded yesterday with most of the cases involving a food industry.

At the same time, Mr Elisaf said that the 3rd unit in charge of the coronavirus of the university hospital is activated and that the three units have a high occupancy rate of 90% while there is an urgent need to create a 4th unit. Further, the mayor noted that there were few cases until August 15 but there was a shortage from there and beyond. Asked about the reasons for the escalation of cases in the region, he said this was due, among other things, to the high concentration of young people at night without measures.

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