“Janos”: Which schools will remain closed


All schools in Kefalonia and Ithaca will remain closed on Monday and Tuesday (21 & 22/9) according to the Regional Unit of Kefalonia. In its announcement, it refers to the “safety of the students’ transportation due to problems in the road network but also damages that have been observed in a several school units”.

It should be noted that ” Ianos ” has set a “bow” towards Crete , after the indescribable disasters it caused in the Ionian islands , Thessaly and Central Greece . According to the latest forecast data of the National Observatory of Athens / Meteo.gr, “Ianos”, whose center is located in the South Ionian, is expected to move south on Saturday , and then southeast , with its effects gradually be limited to the southern parts of the country.

From Saturday afternoon, as well as on Sunday, “Ianos” will now affect Crete . Intense phenomena are expected after noon , mainly with heavy rains and thunderstorms and a large volume of water in Corinth and Argolis and later in the Cyclades .



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