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Kalivia: The fire is in decline – Major disasters


The fire that broke out at noon on Wednesday (09/09) in Kalivia is now in recession, according to firefighters. There are small fires at various places which are however dealt with directly by the powerful firefighters operating in the area and which have given a very difficult night battle against the flames but also the strong winds.

There are currently 185 firefighters operating in the area with 48 vehicles, 10 groups of pedestrians, volunteers and water carriers, so they no longer need help by air.At the same time, according to police, vehicle traffic on Lavriou Avenue and Agia Irini streets has been restored.

Saronic Mayor: There was a hell here
Speaking on the “Society Hour MEGA” , Mr. Filippou noted that the disaster is great and starts from Feriza, where the fire front has erupted and reached Anavyssos.

“We do not have an exact number of what  has been destroyed so far. “Sheep herds have also been destroyed, fortunately people had managed to recover some animals,” he added.

The area that burned was agricultural pasture, while, as the Mayor of Saronikos noted, the biggest problem for residents was the thick smoke from the fire.

“There was a panic here yesterday, because there was a hell there. The wind which was blowing yesterday was strong”, added Mr. Filippou, stressing that there are still resurgences in the area.


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