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Katerina Karnarou : the oldest woman in Greece died at the age of 115


Born July 25, 1905, according to her official certificates (AMKA, etc.), Katerina Karnarou was over 110 years old and undoubtedly the oldest woman in Greece. Sadly, she passed away at the age of 115 and stopped claiming first place in the world. According to the Patrisnews website, Katerina Karnarou was born in Gryllos, a small village outside of Krestena of Elias and lived in Athens for several years before returning to her hometown for the last decades of her life.

“I was born in Mountriza (ss. Gryllos from the municipality of Andritsaina-Krestena), my father  is Panagiotis and my mother Theodora. I married Sophocles Karnaros in Krestena, worked in the fields and did agricultural work to live and raise my children. Now I live here in Krestena, quietly. My son went to the navy, became a great captain. “When she retired and built her house in Athens, she was not at all happy, she died … unfortunately she was defeated by the disease” she had stated a few years ago.

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