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Thessaloniki: KTEL driver fired for allegedly harassing 16-year-old


The KTEL driver who allegedly harassed a 16-year-old was fired. As KTEL President George Arvanitidis said, “The employee had not given any rights to his behavior until today, he’s a family man and with good recommendations, but the complaint is very serious and concerns a sensitive issue because the act denounced is directed against a minor.

Therefore, I immediately dismissed him as soon as I learned of the complaint. We don’t know the truth, we weren’t early, but we couldn’t wait for the court ruling. If the driver is acquitted by the Greek courts, in which we have complete confidence, he can request that his dismissal be declared null and unfair. However, until then he can not work in the transport of the city of Thessaloniki, because even as a suspicion, the 70 years of our history of our KTEL are tarnished. “

The driver in his apologies claimed that he had in fact unbuttoned the zipper, but in no case did he walk towards the girl, as mentioned in the post on

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