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Lamia: Wild beating of a 13 -year-old girl by a group of 17-year-old girls.


An incredible incident of violence between underage girls took place early Monday night in Lamia .The beating of the 13-year-old took place in a park of Nea Ambliani in Lamia, where several children gather at night.According to the family of the 13-year-old, without any serious reason, there was initially a verbal confrontation between the young girl and the group of the three 17-year-old girls.The same information states that the group of 17-year-old girls who beat the 13-year-old consists of a Greek woman, a Romanian woman and an Albanian woman.The family of the 13-year-old has instructed the well-known criminologist Apostolos Lytras to take over the case.

“I have been informed by the family about the brutal beating of the girl, who is being treated at the General Hospital of Lamia. “I am waiting for the medical opinions and the content of the case file formed by the police in Lamia and then everything will take its course …”,   Mr. Lytras said “.


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