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Liossia and Burnazi: Police officers during inspections imposed Fines


A “rain” of hundreds of fines fell on Saturday evening in Liossia and Burnazi. Mainly a nightclub on Liosion Street forgot to close at 12:30 Pm. Police officers during inspections found that the specific center was open till 2:30 a.m. despite the ban that applies after midnight due to the coronavirus.

Despite Greece's new COVID measures, Thessaloniki bouzoukia carry on - Greek  Herald

In fact, it turned out that the center was locked from the inside. 141 fines were imposed on customers while the store owner was arrested and fined 5,000 euros, our sources reported.

During another inspection in Burnazi, 138 people were found having fun at a center working overtime and the owner was fined. It should be noted that throughout the night, the police fully mobilized to monitor compliance with the new measures.


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