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Lisa Montgomery: The first impending execution of a woman in 70 years and read her horrific crime


The first impending execution of a woman in federal prisons in almost 70 years has been announced by the United States Department of Justice. Lisa Montgomery strangled a pregnant woman in Missouri, then cut and open her belly with a kitchen knife and took the baby out in the womb and after she stole the baby. The crime happened in December 2004.

Lisa Montgomery is to be executed by lethal injection on December 8 in an Indiana jail. The unfortunate victim was named Bobby Joe Stinet and died of suffocation after Montgomery strangled her. Previously, she had attacked her with a knife and when the victim regained consciousness, Montgomery strangled her.

She was eight months pregnant and Montgomery had visited her from Kansas on the grounds that she wanted to buy from her a dog. After removing the fetus, she presented it as her own. Montgomery confessed to murdering Stinet and kidnapping her child. She was convicted in October 2007 of abducting a baby and intentionally killing it.

According to Montgomery’s attorneys, the author suffered brain damage as a result of physical abuse she suffered as a child and suffers from mental deprivation so she should not be executed. The last woman executed by the federal government was Bonnie Heidi. She was murdered in a Missouri gas chamber in 1953 according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

Last year, the Donald Trump administration announced its intention to resume federal strikes.


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