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Macron’s stern message to Erdogan: Respect and do not insult EU values


French President Emanuel Macron gave a stern response to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday amid his criticism. In an interview with Al Jazeera, Macron accused Turkey “of having imperial tendencies in the eastern Mediterranean”, stressing that “this undermines the stability of the region”.

“Turkey’s policy in the eastern Mediterranean has been particularly aggressive towards Cyprus and Greece, two European countries. We support European sovereignty. I remind you of the facts, to explain to you,” Macron stressed. The French president called on Erdogan to stop lying and to respect now and not to offend the values ​​of the European Union.

“What is our wish? De-escalation, that Turkey respects us, that the Turkish president respects France, the European Union, its values, do not lie, do not insult. It would be something extraordinary and I think that this is the minimum. Then, the Turkish president will have to live up to the history of his country and stop unilateral action against Europe. This is my position, “underlined  Emanuel Macron.

Also referring to the issue of religious freedom in France during the recent terrorist attacks, Macron said:

“The French state has no official religion. French society lodges them all. Therefore, all French men and women must be able to live in peace, whatever their religious beliefs. Also, all French women and men. the French, of any origin or other nationality, must respect all the laws of the state. This is how we work. But I want to send a message of de-escalation and peace. My plan, our plan, the one that the French gave me a mandate, but also a plan for our country over time, has for fundamental objective peace between religions. It is a mission of knowledge and construction of logic “.

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