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USA: 19-year-old man attempts to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden


A 19-year-old man who appears to have attempted to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been arrested in North Carolina for child pornography. It was Alexander Hillel Treisman or Theiss, who was arrested in late May when Canapoli bank officials reported a suspicious van abandoned in a parking lot, as revealed by WBTV and broadcast by international agencies.

The van turned out to be full of weapons and explosives, and thanks to it, federal agents tracked down Treisman, who, via social media, was asking his friends online if he should assassinate the Democratic candidate. After being immediately monitored, authorities determined that he was planning to go to a location just 2 miles from Biden’s home. It should be noted that when his house was searched, a list of specific reports was found with the word “execution” circled.

Authorities speculated that the young man, from Washington, D.C., likely activated the van when Biden’s motorcade passed him. The FBI men also found driver’s licenses from three different states by searching the internet for Biden’s home address, nearby streets, state gun laws, and by purchasing night vision binoculars!

Also of interest were the findings on Treisman’s cell phone where a digital note written in October 2019 was discovered in which he reported on a massive attack on a shopping mall and hijacking.

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