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Ministry of Education : image of schools after first weeks of functioning


The data shows that the cases in schools reflect the dispersion in the community, the education ministry said in an informal report, regarding the image of schools present after the first weeks of functioning. He also assured that the ministry follows “very closely” the evolution of the pandemic in terms of functioning of the schools and is “constantly vigilant to update the measures if necessary”.

After more than three weeks of operation of the schools, as the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias said yesterday, Tuesday, the students who have tested positive for the coronavirus represent 0.016% of the total , teachers 0.033%, departments that remain closed for precautionary reasons are at 0.33% of all departments and schools that remain closed for precautionary reasons at 0.1% of the total.

According to the above, the ministry of Education said in the informal briefing that “the virus does not tend to spread from student to student and there is no indication that the virus is not spreading in any school “.” The measures in schools are followed in an exemplary manner, the few cases reflect the dispersion in the community and without being a source of dispersion, “said the press release.


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