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Mitsotakis at the summit: dialogue and diplomacy or sanctions


After the launch of the crucial Brussels summit, the Cypriot News Agency said the draft text of the European Council conclusions made no reference to Turkey’s delinquent behavior in the eastern Mediterranean. At the same time, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis sent a strong message during his participation in the EU summit stressing that Turkey’s provocation can no longer be accepted.

He explained that two paths are now open to us: “one is the path of dialogue and diplomacy”. The Prime Minister’s statement is as follows:

“Europe is called upon to decide with courage and sincerity what kind of relationship it wishes to have with Turkey. The Turkish provocation can no longer be tolerated. Turkey’s behavior does not only violate the sovereign rights of two member states , the EU, Greece and Cyprus, but also harms the interests of the whole of Europe in the Mediterranean”.

There are now two routes to Turkey. One of dialogue and diplomacy. The other is the escalating tension that will inevitably lead to action. Greece has proven that it wants the first way. It is up to Turkey to do the same. To do it consistently “.

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