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Moria: The situation in Moria is a major concern following the destruction of the vast camp


As the pandemic creates new challenges in the functioning of existing camps, the Greek government seeks to push forward plans to create safer and better controlled migrant reception centers in the Aegean islands. The situation in Moria is a major concern, as the Kara Tepe camp set up following the destruction of the vast Moria camp in a series of fires in September was supposed to be a temporary solution. Last week, the mayor of Mytilene Stratis Kytelis met with government officials in Athens to discuss the location of a new permanent facility on the island.

Health authorities, for their part, regularly carry out Covid-19 screening tests in island establishments to ensure that any epidemic is quickly brought under control. Tests on a sample of 110 migrants at Vial camp in Chios on Friday yielded 11 positive results, while 35 workers all tested negative for the coronavirus.

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