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Mother Topaloudi: My dear Magda, mother of courage, hold on.


The Magda Fyssas and Kula Armoutidou are two mothers associated with the loss of their children. Hearing the record of the brutal murder and rape of Helen Topaloudi, Magda Fyssas was found alongside her mother and cried with her. Koula Armoutidou could not be found yesterday, Wednesday in the Golden Dawn trial, however, as she tells Star, her heart and thoughts were on what was happening in the Athens Court of Appeal .

“I was mentally close to Magda because she came to me at the most difficult time of my life to support me and I will never forget her. We are two homeopathic mothers who have seen our children murdered by brutal hands and barbarians.“The court decision is mental justification for Manuela, Magda and Fyssa, but for us happy parents it is a momentary relief,” Ms. Koula said and continued:

“We will live until we die with this unjust and savage loss of our children. Our children will live through the faces of those who support us. Our inner crush, the Golgotha ​​in which we were condemned, cannot be justified by any punishment. For me, she is also a heroic mother. My dear Magda, I just have one thing to say, mother of courage, hold on. “

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