Mytilene: 9,000 asylum seekers in the new structure of Kara Tepe


The operation of the Greek police in Kara Tepe is completed today, with the aim of leading to the new structure that has been built in the area, the refugees and immigrants who were left on the road to the Moria camp, after its complete destruction by fires on September 8 and 9.

Saturday morning, 9,000 people entered the new structure, all identified and their asylum application procedure was launched. They were also tested for their health, with 213 of them testing positive for the coronavirus and isolated in a separate part of the new structure.

As of this morning, the entire road network whose operation had been affected was put into circulation while those in charge of cleaning clean and disinfect public and private spaces. On Monday September 21, all businesses in the area that have remained closed from Wednesday September 9 are expected to open.

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