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NATO-Resumption of talks between Greece and Turkey


Greek and Turkish military representatives will meet in Brussels for the third time on Tuesday as part of NATO’s efforts to negotiate talks on a conflict mechanism that would prevent an incident between the two alliance members over the maritime and energy rights in the eastern Mediterranean.

Tuesday’s meeting was arranged after the Turkish seismic vessel Oruc Reis – and its naval escort – left the south area  of Kastellorizo ​​over the weekend, which Athens had set as a condition for resumption of talks.

Which means the Greek side will come to the table with further comments on NATO’s response to the first batch submitted by Athens on the plan presented for the talks. The first reactions to the dialogue framework were submitted by representatives of both sides to Jens Stoltenberg 12 days ago, in a meeting that lasted only 5 minutes and in which the NATO chief spoke refused to take a firm stand, according to diplomatic sources.

The document under negotiation, according to sources, is half a page and calls on both parties to re-engage on NATO’s fundamental principles, and in particular on Article 1 of the Alliance’s charter, which concerns the peaceful settlement of disputes between members, without threat or use of force. He also calls on both parties to respect the principles set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization and the law of the sea.

One of the tools of the deconfliction mechanism mentioned in the document is a direct 24-hour line of communication between the Greek and Turkish armies through a secure NATO channel.



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