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Notis Mitarakis: Asylum procedure will be tightened


The asylum procedure in order to qualify as unacceptable the request for immigrants deemed “not at risk in transit countries”will be tightened, this is what the Minister of Immigration and ‘Asylum, Notis Mitarakis in an interview with Journal of the Authors .

As he points out, “Today, the asylum procedure, with a few exceptions, does not take into account the circumstances concerning the applicant in the transit country. We are now considering changing it so that asylum applications submitted by people who were not in danger in transit countries are raised as a question of inadmissibility “and he adds that this will happen” always in full respect of international law “.

Regarding the allegations of illegal repatriation, Mr. Mitarakis reaffirms that “our country does not repatriate immigrants” and comments that the media report which has as its source, for example the Turkish coast guard, can obviously in no way be considered as objective and credible.  He also expressed his confidence that “the active involvement of the European Commissioner, Johansson, in this affair will put an end to the non-existent propaganda of the expulsions which only aims to harm our country”.


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