Oruc Reis: The new Navtex is a direct threat


The Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis began its journey in the maritime area near Kastelorizo. The Turkish research vessel is accompanied by the support vessels ATAMAN and CENGİZHAN. It should be noted that the announcement of the new Navtex provoked a strong reaction from the Greek Foreign Ministry, which spoke of a “direct threat” to peace and security in the region.

Greece on Monday accused its neighbor Turkey of undermining efforts to ease the drilling rights crisis in the eastern Mediterranean after Turkey announced that its study vessel would be sent on a new research mission in Mediterranean in disputed waters.

Ankara and Athens agreed earlier this month under NATO auspices to put in place a system to avoid possible military conflicts and accidents including a hotline. The two countries also agreed to resume so-called “exploratory talks” aimed at building confidence and resolving disputes that were last held in 2016.



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