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Pella: schools do not open on Mondays – mayors’ decision


The three-day suspension of the start of the school year due to the increase in coronavirus cases in Pella has reportedly been decided by local authorities. The four mayors decided not to open schools on Monday, September 14, when the situation in Pella, Pieria, Imathia and Kilkis is considered critical due to the pandemic. The mayor of Edessa and the mayor of Almopia in their social media post explain how the suspension decision was taken. “This decision was taken in full awareness of our responsibility towards our fellow citizens, because we believe that the time has come to act and claim it, at a time when the epidemiological burden of Covid-19 is particularly high in the prefecture of Pella.

It is clear that the emergency measures imposed by the Ministry of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, among others, on the citizens of the Pella prefecture reflect the scale of the problem, but at the same time will have a significant negative impact on the local economy Of course, the risks to the health of the population and to human life always outweigh the financial consequences and therefore additional measures must be taken with regard to the start of the school year.

Holding  a  classes of  25 children, while it is forbidden to bring together more than 9 people, creates insecurity and unrest in the whole educational community. Teachers as a whole feel vulnerable, while parents, for their part, feel insecure for children, themselves and their relatives who may belong to vulnerable groups of the population. Preparations for the opening of schools to the new conditions have been made, but the situation has deteriorated rapidly in recent days and therefore requires courageous decisions, which may impact the peace of the family, but will work protectively and in combination with other measures such as  prevention and protection.

For all these reasons, we have decided, while exhausting the limits that the law gives us, to extend the opening of schools by three days while we are asking at the same time the state to conduct Covid-19 assessments during that three-day period for all teachers of the concerned schools.

It is reminded that the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection stressed yesterday that the situation is critical in Pella, Pieria, Imathia and Kilkis, where from today they entered a regime of special restrictive measures. “So far, a triple-digit number of cases have been identified, with several close contacts from the same confluence, which are scattered. The measures are the only way to prevent an even greater spread of the virus,” said M Hardalias and called on the inhabitants of these areas to respectfully and faithfully respect these measures.

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