Petralona: brutal murder of mother and daughter revealed after 13 years


A mother and a daughter have been extinct since 13 years, according to authorities’ information and the perpetrators (two women) have been arrested. In fact, as the police investigation shows, the murderers strangled the woman and her daughter with a rope inside their house in Ano Petralona ​​and immediately after cutting them, put them in bags- trash cans and dumped their limbs in various garbage cans in Attica.


All these years, authorities and relatives of the victims believed it was a simple disappearance, but a few days ago anonymous information from the Research Directorate gave a new turn to things. Murder officers began to search for three Pakistanis, one of whom ran two stores in Athens, and when they found them, confessed to the murder.


The two described how they killed and dismembered the two women, while the third described how they helped dismember the dismembered bodies of a mother and daughter. From the information available to date and from what the authors themselves report, they knew that the two Georgian women were in conflict over personal matters which could be the motive for the murder.

The two foreigners were arrested with arrest warrants and will be referred to the prosecution, while the third is charged with a misdemeanor.



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