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POEDIN: 15 positive cases of the coronavirus among hospital staff are reported to Agios Savvas


As POEDIN president Michalis Giannakos lamented, this morning 8 doctors were positive for the virus while after the detection, more than 15 cases were identified in total. The president of POEDIN said that they are doctors in key and neuralgic departments  such as radiotherapy, cardiology, orthopedics, so the services are about to close.

Mr Giannakos complained that in cancer hospitals there were no regular tests neither on staff nor on long-term hospital patients, which should be checked every 7 days. There is a problem even in the fact that there is no lab test on the attendants. POEDIN himself complains of deficiencies and organizes a rally in front of the Red Cross. Specifically, he talks about a nurse who corresponds to 40 patients.


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