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Police: Arrest for illegal possession of antiques, weapons and drugs


A man was arrested Friday evening by police from the Serres Security Directorate for illegal possession of antiques, weapons, drugs and contraband tobacco. 224 ancient silver and bronze coins from different chronological periods, two rings from the Hellenistic and Ottoman period and a 30 cm high marble mortar from the post-Byzantine period were confiscated. A complaint was lodged with the police against him for violation of the legislation on the protection of antiquities, the legislation on weapons, drugs and the customs code.

According to the police announcement, during a search of his home in the Serres district, a number of coins and ancient artifacts were discovered which, according to an archaeologist from the Ephoria of Antiquities, are provisions of the Antiquities Act. In addition, weapons, drugs and contraband tobacco were discovered and confiscated.

The old objects will be sent to the relevant department of the Ministry of Culture for a more in-depth evaluation, while the quantity of illegal tobacco will be sent to the competent customs, for the determination of the evaded taxes and duties. The arrested person, with the case against him, will be brought before the Serres prosecutor.

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