Pompeo visit: modification of the US Secretary of State’s program for security reasons


The US authorities in charge of protecting the US Secretary of State have suggested a modification of Mike Pompeo ‘s initial contact plan in Thessaloniki.

The US Secretary of State will not visit the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace to meet with his Greek counterpart, according to information from thestival.gr.

Mike Pompeo’s meeting with Nikos Dendias will take place at a well-known hotel in the area of ​​Macedonia Airport.

There is a special area for Pompeo meetings. The Greek Foreign Minister will arrive in Thessaloniki on Monday morning by government plane.

The arrival of Pompeo, the contacts of Mitsotakis and the new data in Greek-Turkish.

It should be noted, however, that the General Police Directorate of Thessaloniki  had fully prepared for the visit of the US Secretary of State to YMATH and had presented to the US security services a credible plan to ” seal ” the area around the headquarters.

The US Secretary of State arrived at the “Macedonia” airport shortly after midnight.

@Pompeo visit: modification of the US Secretary of State's program for security reasons



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