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Possible local lockdown in Attica


Government spokesman Stelios Petsas has left open the possibility of enforcing a local lockdown in the Attica prefecture, in response to a question from CNN Greece. “The government has shown that it is determined to take whatever steps are necessary to reduce the pandemic. We have applied the local lockdown when needed and will do it again, if experts suggest.” “However,” Petsas stressed, “the consequences of such a decision must be considered first.”

As Mr Petsas said, “It is evident that a second wave of a pandemic is unfolding in the world. Our country is still in a much better epidemiological situation than many others. However, there has been a significant increase in cases lately.  “

According to reports, the experts’ concerns focus on specific neighborhoods in the Municipality of Athens, however, as Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias explained last week, the implementation of strict measures by municipality is practically impossible because Attica is not a small area or an island and the inhabitants are constantly moving from municipality to municipality, for work or for other reasons. According to reports, between areas with high epidemiological load, Kato Patissia, Beehive, Sepolia and the lower vesicle.

The launch of the number of intubated patients – 78 Sunday, September 20, against 38 September 21 – coupled with the explosion of patients hospitalized in referral hospitals, leads the national health system to be in enough hurry for scientists to speak for 60 -65 %  of the occupancy in hospitals. One indicator of the situation is the addition of “Hippocrates” in referral hospitals, in order to decongest other areas receiving pandemic patients.The alarm bells are now ringing with every public appearance of epidemiologists – members of the expert commission, who in fact do not hesitate to “push” new measures in Attica even earlier than the return schedule of those who are entered into force today.

“These developments show that inspections, testing and heightened vigilance are working. But now we have before us the big problem of urban centers,” Mr Petsas said.

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