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Coronavirus: The president of the Athens-Piraeus Hospital Doctors Association (EINAP) suggests a test for the entire Greek population.


The president of the Association of Doctors of Athens-Piraeus Hospitals (EINAP) Ms Matina Pagoni said that given the number of actual cases of coronavirus which is probably much higher than that of the recorded cases, she suggests that if we want to see exactly how many are sick in Greece, we have to do a test for the whole Greek population.

Coronavirus: The situation is over ATHENS 9,84

At the same time, she stressed that if the measures are not implemented, we exceed 1,000 cases. She stressed that hospitals will not be able to handle 2,000 cases per day. For the umpteenth time, Ms Pagoni stressed that the mask was the most basic while expressing concern over the rising number of deaths.

Asked about local lockdowns, she said they had to be done to control the situation and limit the spread to other areas. Indeed, commenting on the images of people who populate the nightclubs, she said that the club where there is a single asymptomatic case can infect an additional 100 people.



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