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Summit: prospect of sanctions against Turkey is lifted


The EU summit which had been postponed due to a coronavirus epidemic is being held in Brussels on October 1-2. The summit will discuss the EU’s relations with China, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the economic policy of the pandemic and the progress of Brexit negotiations.

Greek interest is concentrated on Thursday evening, which will be entirely devoted to the situation in the eastern Mediterranean and to relations with Turkey. The invitation letter sent by the President of the European Council Charles Michel to the European leaders states:

“Our aim is to create a space for constructive dialogue with Turkey in order to achieve stability and security throughout the region and to ensure full respect for the sovereignty of all EU member states . This will only be possible if Turkey interacts in a constructive way. “Options remain on the table to defend the legitimate interests of the EU and its member states.”

The Sanctions
The most likely scenario, however, is that the EU will not impose sanctions on Turkey but will issue a stern warning that sanctions will be activated if there is unilateral action against Greece. For now, the EU is “investing all its money” in the resumption of exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey as well as in the creation of a conflict prevention mechanism under NATO auspices. Angela Merkel’s statement is indicative of the climate:

“We must redefine our relationship with Turkey every time but also insist on cooperating with it on important issues.”


Is Nicosia back?
Meanwhile, a statement by Nikos Anastasiadis could be interpreted as Nicosia’s intention to drop the threat of a sanctions veto against Belarus if similar sanctions are not imposed on Turkey. The Cypriot President specifically said:

“Sanctions are not an end in themselves.” The aim is to finally implement the predominance that Turkey’s obligations as a candidate country are in line with EU principles and values. “

@Summit: prospect of sanctions against Turkey is lifted


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