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USA: Protests erupted in Philadelphia after police killed black man


Protests erupted in Philadelphia in the United States on Monday evening, injuring four police officers after police shot and killed a black man who allegedly held a knife. Yesterday’s incidents came after months of protests against racism and police violence in the United States, which began in late May after the death of George Floyd, 46, in Minneapolis, when a police officer attempted to l ‘immobilize by holding his knee on his neck almost nine minutes.

Four police officers were hit by bricks yesterday in incidents on the sidelines of protests outside the Philadelphia Police Station, according to NBC television. Previously, a man identified as Walter Wallace, 27, had approached two police officers, who had drawn their guns after asking him to drop his knife, according to a video posted on social media.

The incident is under investigation, City Mayor Jim Kenny and Police Inspector Daniel Outlo said in separate statements. The police department “will conduct a full investigation,” Kenny said, while Outlo said they heard “the community’s anger” over Wallace’s death.

An unverified video taken by a passer-by and posted to social media shows two police officers pointing their guns at Wallace as he walks down the street. He walks up to them and they retreat, their weapons continuing to mark him, while yelling at him to drop the knife he’s holding. Then they both shoot several times at Wallace, who collapses in the street.

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