Refugee: Johansson proposal for “compulsory solidarity” in EU countries


European Commissioner for the Interior Ilva Johansson, who on Wednesday presented a draft reform of the right to asylum, in favor of a mechanism of “compulsory solidarity” between all the countries of the European Union in the event of migratory pressure.“It must be mandatory, all member states must help when there is a situation where a member state is under pressure, when there are a lot of people who need protection, ” the Swedish European Commissioner told AFP today.“But we also have to take into account the type of assistance in question,” said Elva Johansson, in the face of the persistent refusal of certain countries to accept asylum seekers and the failure of the provisional quota system decided upon during the 2015 migration crisis.“It is not only a question of resettlement (in an EU country), it could also be a help for the return” in their country of origin “the people who have not been granted asylum , she continued.

The European commissioner did not want to go into the details of the “new agreement on migration and asylum” that she will present on September 23 and admitted that “find a proposal that can be accepted by all member states and the European Parliament is a difficult task. ““I guess when I present my proposal it will not be accepted with applause,” she admitted, expressing the hope that “everyone will understand that this is a balanced compromise”.



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