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Covid-19: Outbreak reported at children’s charity shelter


A 17-year-old boy  had a fever last Sunday at a shelter run by the smile of the child. At least three children and an employee have been infected with the new coronavirus, the charity’s president Kostas Giannopoulos said on Friday.

“We are afraid, as any parent would be if their child was in a difficult situation; the only difference is that our family is much bigger, ”said Giannopoulos, commenting on the outbreak at the charity’s shelter in the Moschato district, south of Athens.

The EODY team carried out tests on 17 of the 25 children and 18 members of the establishment’s staff, a measure deemed insufficient by Giannopoulos. Of these 17 samples, two came back positive and belonged to children who had no symptoms.

“Everyone should have been tested as it is a facility with a lot of vulnerable people and children,” he said, adding that EODY is sending an additional team to test the rest of people who work or live in the house.

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