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A request for the acquisition of P.A.A.Y.P.A (Temporary number for insurance and health care for foreigners).


A request for the acquisition of PAAYPA (Temporary number for insurance and health care for foreigners) can be made by third-country nationals or stateless persons who have already submitted an application for international protection to the competent authorities of the reception and identification service at the Ministry of Immigration and asylum. This number is unique, temporary, corresponds to the complete registration form and guarantees access to health services, healthcare, social security and the labor market.

The asylum service which belongs to the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum has been designated as the service responsible for the processing and execution of the P.A.A.Y.P.A. The asylum service, when registering in the international protection application system, simultaneously advances in the execution of the P.A.A.Y.P.A via the electronic service provided by HDIKA SA.

Thanks to the application of HDIKA SA. Hi ” I have P.A.A.Y.P.A? ” So the person concerned can fill in their details in the corresponding boxes and confirm whether a P.A.A.Y.P.A. number was issued via this site at the bottom.

PAAYPA — Mobile Info Team

The rejection of the asylum application implies the automatic deactivation of the PAAYPA. On the contrary, if the application is accepted, a permanent social security register number (AMKA) is provided.


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