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As of Saturday (24/10) at 6 a.m., Masks Everywhere announced by the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis


As of Saturday (24/10) at 6 a.m, the new restrictive measures announced by the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, enter into force on Friday afternoon, after the teleconference he had with the regional governors and the constant talks with the Expert Committee.The rapid increase in coronavirus cases crossing the 800 mark and the deterioration of the epidemiological picture in many parts of the country have constituted the “zero point” of the new measures.

Koronovios - Mitsotakis Discourse: Masks everywhere and traffic ban 00:30 - 05:00

From now on, the use of a mask ”inside and outside”  is compulsory, from 12:30 a.m. at night until 5 a.m in the morning,traffic is prohibited. Excluded, of course, are those who work at night and in emergencies.The measures will be applied in all “red” and “orange” areas.

Masks everywhere and night lockdown in 19 areas - All changes in the coronavirus map

The goal is to reduce movement and nighttime gatherings, which promote transmission of the virus. With less pleasure, perhaps, for a while. But with more health for a long time. A prediction that is already valid, after all, in many European capitals and regions. And the first report is encouraging.

Second, the use of a mask becomes compulsory everywhere. Not only inside but also outside. Because the coronavirus is hiding everywhere, without waiting at the entrance of a store. “He does not eat at the door”, to speak in the language of the youngest.To keep it simple, we are now going to enter the cafe or restaurant with a mask. Which we will remove only when we sit at the table. And of course the ban on standing in indoor rooms is still in force.

I  repeat and i will repeat: The mask is the vaccine before the vaccine. If two citizens wear it properly and one is infected, the chance of transmission when they are together is infinitesimal. At the same time, the Prime Minister announced that the government will of course continue to support companies and workers suffering from the health crisis.

The second wave of the pandemic is on the rise and it is tougher. Everywhere in Europe, but now here in Greece.The data show that even in this new health crisis, Greece still resists better than most European countries.We have a larger number of intensive care beds and many more doctors and nurses in our hospitals.It now affects all ages, but especially young people and it pervades regions, cities, and even neighborhoods. By vehicle, unfortunately, social life itself: The daily contacts between us and the simple habits of leisure and fun.



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