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Coronavirus: these schools will be closed due to Covid-19


More and more schools and school departments have closed due to coronavirus outbreaks.

One week after the start of the school year and according to the updated list of the Ministry of Education,  94 are now the school units that will put a “lock” either in the various departments, or suspend their operation in their entirety.

Schools at all levels of the Pella regional unit will remain closed until September 25, 2020, following a decision by the Ministry of Education, as part of stopping the spread of the virus.

The special primary school in Salamina will remain closed until September 30, while the 2nd kindergarten in Daphne will remain closed until October 1.

The 14th Kindergarten in Kavala will also remain closed until October 1, the 7th High School in Nea Smyrni until 29-09-2020 and the 2nd High School in Saint Petersburg until October 2.

It is recalled that according to the EODY protocol, in the case of an individual case per student, it is decided to suspend the functioning of the department for 14 days, while the suspension of the academic unit requires at least three cases, not directly related to each other.

In the case of a teacher, his contacts are followed and if he teaches in more than one department, a decision is taken to suspend the operation following a decision by the director of primary or secondary education, with the agreement of the Director of Public Health and Regional Social Protection Unit.


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