Coronavirus: special restrictive measures in Achaia and Ioannina


The regional unit of Achaia and the municipality of Ioannina enter into a regime of special restrictive measures, as announced by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection. Extraordinary measures are valid for seven (7) days from Tuesday 06-10-2020 to Monday 12-10-2020.

The GATT announcement:

After an extraordinary meeting at the Civil Protection Operations Center and taking into account the new epidemiological data that have emerged in the greater region of Achaia, as well as in the municipality of Ioannina,Ioannina,by order of the Deputy Minister of civil protection and crisis management, Nikos Hardalias, Following a relevant recommendation of the Expert Committee of the Ministry of Health for the new coronavirus and by decision of the Secretary General of Civil Protection, Vassilios Papageorgiou, for urgent reasons to face a serious risk to public health and in particular to limit the spread of COPD within the framework of restrictive measures, applicable to the entire regional unit of Achaia and to the municipality of Ioannina.

Special measures
All health food stores are prohibited from operating from 12 midnight to 5 a.m. the next day.

● Suspension of any type of event such as parties, exhibitions, parades, etc.

1. Popular markets are excluded from the suspension, which will operate with a limit distance between the vendors’ counters (5) meters and 50% of the capacity per category of vendors.

2. Prohibition of any type of gathering of citizens of more than 9 people for any reason whatsoever, both in public and in private.

● In the dining rooms, a maximum number of people is allowed at each table up to 4 people, unless they are first-degree relatives where up to 6 people are allowed.

1. It is mandatory to use a mask outside and inside.

2. It should be noted that in consultation with the Ministry of Finance of the companies concerned, it is possible to suspend the employment contract of employees.

Finally, the above restrictive measures are valid for seven (7) days from Tuesday 06-10-2020 to Monday 12-10-2020.

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