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Supreme Court prosecutor calls for stricter treatment of mask refusals


A Supreme Court prosecutor on Tuesday issued a circular calling for the immediate arrest of those who refuse to wear a mask in violation of public health safety rules or encourage others to do so. Speaking to prosecutors nationwide, Vassilis Pliotas argued that people who directly or indirectly challenge expert recommendations and legislation on the use of face masks to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus endanger the health of the public and fuel skepticism about the dangers of Covid-19.

Stricter treatment of people who break health rules is mandated by “the law of necessity” to stem the growing influence of civil disobedience supporters of coronavirus restrictions, he said. “The duration of the pandemic and its painful consequences have literally mandated a ‘law of necessity’ on the Greek legal order to protect against the direct dangers of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic,” Pliotas said.

Pliotas’ recommendation follows a growing trend on social media advocating the non-use of masks and more and more reports of arguments between members of the public and people refusing to wear a mask on public transport or in the other crowded places.

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