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Coronavirus: “The next 48 hours are critical” for Trump’s health


Some of Donald Trump‘s vital signs over the past 24 hours have been of great concern and the next 48 hours will be critical for his care, said a person familiar with the president’s health. Donald Trump, there is still a clear path to recovery according to the same source, who spoke to reporters and asked not to be named.

However, White House doctor Sean Coney said Trump had not taken oxygen and had no fever for 24 hours and “he’s doing very well.” The US president will receive a five-day treatment with remdesivir, said the doctor, who was not able to determine the length of his stay in the hospital.

Is the Experimental Antibody Cocktail Safe?
After being diagnosed with the deadly virus on Friday, US President Donald Trump was given an experimental antibody cocktail. “There comes a time when skepticism has to give way to pragmatism as we are in the midst of a pandemic,” Dr. Leonard Schleifer, director of Regeneron, the biotechnology company that provides treatments for the antibodies received by CNNi, the American president.

“If you can afford to wait and no one dies, no one gets sick, no one is in great danger, then you know you can rest and wait for the data to come,” he explains.

“There is no such indication and it has not alarmingly happened in the thousands of patient trials,” Schleifer said, noting that it would take about a week to see if the symptoms of the US president were starting to fade.

According to sources on CNNi, Donald Trump has developed a fever and fatigue.

“I think it was an appropriate choice,” said the Regeneron manager. “When you weigh the potential benefits against the risks, the effects are very small here because we haven’t identified any safety issues.

Some initial data from antibody therapy trials published earlier this week showed it to be quite effective albeit with some minor side effects. According to Schleifer, the White House itself wanted to try antibody therapy.

“I guess the White House has its experts and they’ve seen our information.” They understood that the treatment made sense and they wanted to try it. “

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