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Theodorikakos: income criteria to acquire Greek nationality


The changes in the bill for the modification of the citizenship code and in particular for the income criteria that must be met, made Takis Theodorikakos send a clear message. According to the legislative improvement, “by decision of the Minister of the Interior, the specific elements which constitute a presumption of economic and social integration of the applicant” for the acquisition of Greek nationality will be determined.

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The original provision for granting citizenship to a legal allogeneic alien provided that in terms of financial criteria the applicant should have an annual income equal to the total annual income of the unskilled worker.

“Life has shown that no one can cover all the circumstances that are happening in the country and in humanity, like an economic recession, so we are moderately and logically approaching a problem that could be created and ultimately made prohibitive to a very large number of people who want to become Greeks this possibility, ”said the Minister of the Interior.


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