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Three fire fronts in Attica: at Rafina, Neo Voutza and at the foot of Parnitha


Firefighters are waging a “battle” on three fronts in the Attica region, as fires are underway in Neo Voutza and Rafina, while a new epidemic broke out at noon on Thursday at the foot of Parnitha.According to firefighters, the Parnitha fire started at the end of the residential area near the OTE. More than five fire engines are rushing to the scene, but so far there is no cause for concern.

In Rafina, the fire broke out shortly before 1:30 p.m., near the construction site of the new Paralympic sports center, at the intersection of Arionos and Agiou Georgiou streets.The firefighting operation is carried out by 65 firefighters with 15 vehicles, 5 groups of pedestrians, 3 helicopters, volunteers and local authorities responsible for transporting water.Residents are advised to avoid crossing Arionos Street, which essentially separates the municipalities of Artemida – Loutsa and Rafina.Following a suggestion from the Civil Protection of the Municipality of Rafina Pikermi and a decision of the Mayor of Rafina, it is recommended that the inhabitants of the settlement of “Drosia” be expelled from the area in the direction of Rafina.

According to Civil Protection, the risk of fire remains very high  today and tomorrow, Friday.Finally, with regard to the “front” of Neos Voutzas, the image of the fire that broke out earlier in the day near the Holy Monastery of Pantokrator is better and  according to the firefighters, while this is not the case for a residential area.There are 31 firefighters operating in the area with 10 vehicles, a pedestrian section, volunteers as well as local water transport authorities.


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