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Donald Trump suspends coronavirus treatment and will resume his campaign on Monday


US President Donald Trump said in an interview with Fox News on Friday evening (local time) that he had stopped taking drugs to fight the coronavirus. “I am not taking medication at the moment.” I haven’t taken any medication for eight hours, ”he says. Donald Trump will resume his campaign on Monday, delivering a keynote address at a rally of supporters in Florida, in his first campaign appearance since being diagnosed with Covid-19. The rally, to be held in Sanford, will take place 12 days after the president’s positive coronavirus test was announced.

Trump had repeatedly expressed his impatience during his recovery to return on the eve of the Nov. 3 election, and his doctor said he could return to public office “safely” from Saturday. A the same time, US epidemiologist Anthony Fauci said yesterday that reports from Donald Trump, who congratulates himself on his recovery from Covid-19 thanks to a drug he describes as a “cure” for the disease, may cause “great confusion”.

“I think it really depends on what you mean by therapy, because that word is very confusing,” Fauci told CBS Radio. “We have good drugs for seriously ill and hospitalized people,” the doctor said, citing various drugs that have already been tested experimentally in thousands of patients, such as the antiviral remesivir and the corticosteroid dexamethasone”.

But Dr Fauci was wary of drugs based on “monoclonal” antibodies, such as that developed by the American biotechnology company Regeneron, hailed by President Trump, or pharmacist Eli Lilly. “They make promises in clinical trials, but overall their efficacy or safety remains to be proven,” said the senior epidemiologist. “I can tell you that they will examine him (…) to find out if he is infected,” he said. “I can guarantee they will test it before they let it out,” Fauci added.


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