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UNHCR: urgent action to protect Refugees in Kara Tepe for the winter


Call for urgent action to prevent the deterioration of the living conditions of Refugees in Kara Tepe, but also in all the Aegean islands for the winter, sent by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees after confirming the news that flooded the tents. The above was mentioned, among others, by the spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Shabia Mantoo, during today’s press conference in Geneva.

He stressed that Kara Tepe’s new structure had “critical gaps in terms of drainage, water supply, sanitation, and medical services”, which should be corrected without delay, adding that the rains yesterday had worsened the situation of people living in the structure. is really an emergency, because some have seen his tents flooded with water.

The international organization is prioritizing the distribution of tarps to people whose tents have been affected by rain, and will provide the structure with gravel to reduce the risk of flooding in areas where there are tents and common areas. Also, in anticipation of winter, he will provide packages with insulation material, pallets for the floors and plywood for the family tents.

“Nonetheless, these are short-term interventions that cannot be considered appropriate or sufficient to withstand winter. We stressed to the authorities that large-scale efforts are needed, including the timely establishment of an adequate drainage system throughout the structure and the provision of more appropriate solutions to house the greatest number of vulnerable people and their families. At the same time, we continue to call for more domestic transport in suitable housing conditions, ”he stressed at today’s meeting.

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