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Greece: Universities will open from Monday.


From Monday to mid-October, classes are expected to start in all university departments and campus across the country. The framework in which the universities will operate has been published in the Official Journal since early September and the communication channel of the Ministry of Education and rectors is constantly open. Nevertheless, the rectors wonder if the implementation of the measures and the functioning of the universities will coexist without hindrance.

According to the instructions of the ministry, the use of a mask is compulsory in all academic fields and the teaching of courses, seminars, laboratories and clinical exercises with up to 50 people will be carried out in person and  in accordance with the compulsory protective measures . In the case of courses of more than 50 people, the lectures will be given remotely.

“We are living in universities a new reality due to a pandemic and we have to adapt to the different but necessary conditions that it imposes”, said the Deputy Minister of Education in charge of higher education, Vassilis Digalakis. As he noted, adherence to preventive and protective measures which are documented by science, is “necessary for students to return safely to classrooms and laboratories and to continue the educational process.” He described the safe return of students to campus as important because, as he said, “an extension of the absence of students from campus will cause tremendous loss to the students themselves and to the country.”

“The lively discussion and interaction that takes place in lecture halls cannot be completely replaced by distance learning, nor do we want students to be cut off from the overall classroom experience.  He is therefore consciously and responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the new academic year ”, underlined Mr. Digalakis.


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