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Weather forecast: Local rains are expected tomorrow, Sunday


Local rains are expected tomorrow, Sunday mainly in the west, north and northeast of the Aegean Sea while dust concentrations will be relatively high. Specifically, according to the forecast of, throughout the country will prevail local clouds with transient rains or isolated thunderstorms mainly in the western and northern regions of Greece and in the island regions of the north and the east of the Aegean Sea. The atmospheric conditions favor the transport of dust from Africa. At night and early in the morning, visibility will be locally limited and fog will form.

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The temperature will vary in West Macedonia from 2 to 22 degrees, in the rest of northern Greece from 5 to 25 degrees, in Epirus from 8 to 24 degrees, in Thessaly from 7 to 27 degrees, in the rest of the mainland from 10 to 27 degrees, in the Ionian Islands from 14 to 24 and in the island parts of the Aegean Sea and Crete from 15 to 26 degrees but locally in the East Aegean and Dodecanese, the maximum will reach 28 degrees Celsius.

Winds from the north of the Aegean Sea will blow from different directions with intensities up to 4 Beaufort and gradually from northerly directions with the same intensities, while in the south of the Aegean Sea westerly to south winds will prevail with intensities which will locally reach 6 Beaufort. In the Ionian Sea, winds will blow from the northwest with intensities of 4 to 6 Beaufort.


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