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weather station:The cold front which crossed our country today morning caused heavy rains


The cold front which crossed our country in the early hours of Tuesday morning caused heavy rains and thunderstorms in much of it with the heaviest rainfall recorded in the west and northeast. Characteristically, at the Doxato weather station, Drama, 71 mm were recorded. According to the network of automatic weather stations of the National Observatory of Athens /, the six highest levels of precipitation are expected on Wednesday 13/10 until around 6:00 p.m.

The storm front overnight around the early hours of Tuesday morning shifted eastward giving heavy rains mainly in the western and northern parts. According to the Attica Weather and Climate Observatory of the Athens National Observatory /, the heaviest rainfall was recorded at the Ano Korydallos weather station with 43 mm and in the Tatoi region with 33 mm.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the weather is expected to improve with some increased clouds in the west and in the Aegean Sea, local rains in the west and possibly in the Dodecanese and Crete. Moderate winds generally from the west will blow in the seas, while the temperature will not change significantly. Specifically, on Wednesday a few clouds are expected, which in the west and in the Aegean Sea will be increased, with local rains or isolated thunderstorms in the Epiraeus, Ionian Sea, Western Sterea, west and southern Peloponnese, while local rains are also possible in Dodea and Crete.

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