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Bad Weather: The weather is deteriorating from the evening hours today


The weather is deteriorating from the evening hours today. Specifically, according to emergency bulletin of worsening weather of EMY , a temporary worsening of the weather is expected from today, Thursday, in the northwest and tomorrow night in the northeast of the country, with heavy rains and thunderstorms in places that could be accompanied by hail.

In more detail will be affected:

1. From Thursday evening, the Ionian Islands, Epirus and gradually the west of the continent.

A weakening of the phenomena is expected gradually from the hours of noon Friday from the north.

2. Friday evening, East Macedonia, Thrace and northeastern Aegean Islands.

A weakening of the phenomenon is expected in the wee hours of Saturday morning in eastern Macedonia and Thrace and from midday on the islands of the northeastern Aegean Sea.

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