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Worried about winter: we are going to have a difficult winter


What also worries experts besides the increasing cases, is the coming winter. In particular, the infectious disease specialist and coordinating director of the 7th Pneumology Clinic at “Sotiria” Hospital, Mina Gaga, said, speaking to Mega, that “we are going to have a difficult winter”.

“In the last 15 days, we haven’t increased, we haven’t fallen. The number of cases is such that it is able to disperse.” It seems that the effort is being made by the largest percentage of the world, but we are facing an unprecedented pandemic, we must not slack off, ”Ms. Gaga added.

Regarding the coming months, when the temperature drops and we are much more indoors, she said that “the indoors will play a bigger role and we should be much more prepared. Keep the people we see to a minimum and always wear masks. The mask is an important part, as is hand washing and distances, even indoors. In Greece, I think we’ll be able to keep the windows open for much of the winter. “It helps us have a relatively mild climate.”

The coronavirus is still spreading in Greece with Attica firmly in the spotlight. From Friday, there is a slight decrease in the number of cases without this of course means that there must be a relaxation.MIn particular, on Friday, Attica had collected 161 cases, Saturday 165, Sunday 141 and yesterday Monday 145.At the same time, however, the grisly list of the dead is growing with 25 new deaths in the past three days. In fact, a total of 65 people arrived in October.

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